Meetings held between the year 2000-2001

Date Event Venue
12.09.2000 TAG filariasis Meeting New Delhi
26.9.2000 PRG Meeting Geneva
27-28.9.2000 Advisory Commitee meeting
20-24.11.2000 Planning RMRC Bhubaneshwar
22.11.2000 Advocacy and sentsitization meeting SIH & FW Bbs
12 to 13.12.2000 Planning on evaluation VCRC
12.1.2001 Planning programme implementation Thiruvannamalai
29.1.2001 Discussion on implementation of DEC+albendazole VCRC
30.1.2001 Selection of sentinel/spot check villages VCRC
16.02.2001 Kerala planning Alleppey
24.02.2001 to 27.02.2001 Drug distribution Kerala
12.03.2001 Sensitization of the community TN State and district levels
05.03.2001 to 09.03.2001 District level co-ordination meeting TN state and district levels
15.03.2001 to 16.03.2001 Post drug distribution meeting Keral state and district level
19.03.2001 to 24.03.2001 Drug distribution Tamil Nadu
20.3.2001 to 21.03.2001 Monitoring of drug distribution Tamil Nadu
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