Paper VI: Chemical Control of Vectors

Unit-I: Insecticides - Classes of insecticides - Organochlorine (OC), Organophosphorus (OP), Carbamates (C), Pyrethroids (PY)

Unit-II: Insect Growth Regulators (IGR) - Repellents & attractants - Formulations- solid and liquid formulations

Unit-III: Mode of action of insecticides OC, OP, C, PY & IGRs - Mechanism of resistance - Methods of overcoming resistance problem

Unit-IV: Chemical Control - WHO Pesticide evaluation scheme - Chemical control of mosquitoes, houseflies, ticks, fleas, tsetse flies, sandflies, blackflies, cockroaches, bedbugs, reduviid bugs, cyclops and rodents

Unit-V: Equipments for vector control - Different types of spray equipments - Application methods, atomization devices - Importance of droplet size & its determination - Safety precautions


  • Laboratory evaluation of mosquito larvicide

  • Preparation of insecticide impregnated papers

  • Laboratory evaluation of mosquito adulticide

  • Handling of pneumatic sprayers

  • Handling of Microsol-202, Micronherbi & Swingfog equipments

  • Determination of droplet size by a spray on MgO coated plates

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