Vector Ecology and Surveillance

The Division of Vector Ecology and Surveillance (VES) focuses on entomological surveillance to assess the changes in the geographic distribution and abundance of vectors that are involved in the transmission diseases such as lymphatic filariasis, malaria, dengue, kala azar etc. The Division also conducts research programmes on relative measurement of vector populations, employing appropriate sampling methods and facilitates suitable and timely decisions regarding intervention measures. Besides, it also focuses on the risk mapping and geo-climate and environmental based modelling to forecast the trends in vector-borne diseases.


The Division not only extends teaching facilities to Post-Graduate students on the following subjects such as Morphology, Taxonomy, Biology, Biodiversity and Ecology of vectors of Arthopods of Medical Importance, but also engages Ph.D. programme. It provides training on vector biology and control, including vector taxonomy to various Public Health personnel working in different State Health Departments in India, as well to academic students from various Arts, Science and Medical Colleges, including International students.

Last Updated on : 21/09/2016