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1 Chandrahas RK, Rajagopalan PK <p> Mosquito breeding and the natural parasitism of larvae by a fungus, Coelomomyces and a mermithid nematode, Romanomermis, in paddy fields in Pondicherry. Review of Fungus</p> Indian Journal of Medical Research 69 197963-70
2 Rajagopalan PK. <p> Malaria and its Control in India. Review of Epidemiology.</p> Health for Millions 19886-8
3 Das PK, Srividya A, Vanamail P, Ramaiah KD, Pani SP, Michael E, Bundy DAP <p> <em>Wuchereria bancroft</em>i microfilaraemia in children in relation to parental infection status. Review of Epidemiology.</p> Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 91 1997677-79
4 Amalraj DD, Vasuki V, Sadanandane C, Kalyanasundaram M, Tyagi BK, Das PK <p> Evaluation of two new juvenile hormone compounds against mosquito vectors. Review of control.</p> Indian Journal of Medical Research 87 198819-23
5 Gunasekaran K, Narayanan RJ, Shriram AN, Elangovan A, Balaraman K <p> Efficacy of a <em>Bacillus sphaericus </em>formulation as influenced by the quality of <em>Culex quinquefasciatus</em> breeding waters. Review of Bacillus.</p> Indian Journal of Medical Research 108 1998260-64
6 Das LK, Mohapatra SSS, Jambulingam P, Gunasekaran K, Pani SP, Das PK <p> Malaria &amp; other common ailments among upper Bonda tribals in Koraput district, Orissa. Review of Epidemiology.</p> Indian Journal of Medical Research 89 1989334-39
7 Kala MK, Gunasekaran K <p> Effect of <em>Bacillus thuringiensis</em> ssp. israelensis on the development of <em>Plasmodium gallinaceum </em>in<em> Aedes aegypti</em> (Diptera: Culicidae). Review of Bacillus.</p> Annals of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology 93 199889-95
8 Pradeep Kumar N, Sabesan S, Panicker KN <p> Eclosion rhythm of Mansonioides mosquitoes, the vectors of Brugian filariasis. Review of Ecology.</p> Entomon 24 1999199-201
9 Govardhana Rao Y, Ananthakrishnan N, Pani SP, Kate V, Yuvaraj J, Krishnamoorthy K <p> Factors influencing response to lymphonodovenous shunt in filarial lymphoedema. Review of Pathology.</p> National Medical Journal of India 12 199955-58
10 Das LK <p> Malaria during pregnancy and its effects on foetus in a tribal area of Koraput District, Orissa. Review of Epidemiology.</p> Indian Journal of Malariology 37 200011-7
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